When I was 13-15 (Sally’s age) I set pins in a bowling alley.It was the early 1950’s and there were no machines just live boys and men (no girls) Being 2-balled by a bowler is when they don’t wait for the pinboy to send their ball back but pick up another ball and bowl. Meanwhile pinboy is busy in the other alley and when he jumps into the first alley the ball is coming at him. I would “backspin” the first ball I sent back and when it didn’t make it up the return at the end I would send the 2nd ball back full speed just like Sally did    

more about Sally at      www.youtube.com/user/amereillustrator74

Men’s adventure magazine illustrations I did for myself from 1984-89.I wrote  the stories so they would fit in the white box (250 words). Everybody dies. Six are in gray acrylic and the last four are ebony pencil. I called the series Visual Crimes.  More about them at  www.youtbe.com/user/amereillustrator74

My favorite cat, “Flesh” who lived to be 15. He was a “dog-cat” who played “fetch” with me and was a delight to anyone who met him. I painted these when he was alive during the early 1990’s. More about Flesh on my youtube channel   amereillustrator74      

My Dad , Jack, and me in 1952 the year before he died. 28 years later I began a comic strip called “Jack Survives” In 2013 I bought the childhood home that we lived in and I did my art in the cellar and Dad sometimes watched me paint. He was very supportive and proud of my ability considering the fact that he was a working class man with a 10th grade education. I was 15 when he died. I think Dad would have approved of my life as an artist in NYC for 55 years and that I now own and live in the house he last lived in. My Mom sold our house in 1958 and different families lived here over the years until I was able to buy it in 2013. My best paintings have been about this house and my family when we lived here all done from memory. The first time I saw it again since 1958 was 2013. Guess I will now start memory paintings about the artist loft I lived and worked in on w.28th St NYC for the past 50 years.  If you are interested in my work go to my youtube channel at  amereillustrator74

thanks for reading this blog……..Jerry Moriarty